Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I know you! Do you know me?

 I remember my first day at work in Canary Wharf, I was in awe at the fast paced atmosphere  of the place, even the air felt rushed , the expensive suits, the tall buildings, the decadent gourmet shops. The smell of coffee and power perfumed the air, with the proverbial noses stuck up there too.  At first, I could not curtail my exhilaration, I felt like shouting ‘can you handle the truth’ (as in Tom Cruise wannabe in ‘A few Good Men’). I had been let loose and I wanted to leap over walls but after two weeks of not making a single friend and being shunned and scorned by  the  sparse people around me who I can call my own, quickly my elation turned into whimper of emotions. I felt lost and alone.
  For the first time in a long time I felt invisible, every one scurried along like the world was about to end, I heard animated conversation between two people on my left and they were talking about graphs and paragraphs, Huh? I looked down at my own work outfit with disdain, the pride I took that morning in wearing my slim fitting blue guinea brocade shirt tapered on the sleeves and collar with green Ankara was fading fast. I sat down on the benches in the indoor shopping mall feeling sorry for myself. I looked up and the glimmer of hope showed itself in another African sister coming my way, to me she looked like an angel, I was sure I could strike up a conversation with her. She was dressed to perfection, ‘looking tight’. I stood up and said hello, if looks could kill, I would be dead by now.
 So why do we not like to acknowledge one another? Do you know how you make me feel when I meet you in the lift and you turn your face away, when I say hello and you don’t answer. Do you know how you demean our  race when you will only talk to me when no one is around, why is it that it is from you that I get the most hard time from, when you should be my Iroko tree..  We have been through a lot you and I, don't you know! you are my solace. When I see you I am happy,. Why are you not happy to see me succeed like you, surely our struggles should not be in vain? Yes! You might have been burned before but we have got to come together and change the way we see one another. It starts with you and me. No one will respect us when we are not strong together, you are part of me and I you. I know you,  do you know me? Please say YES
This is my soul searching rant for today, I live to rant another day

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