Thursday, 28 September 2017

Launching Moyo Shirts: I dream of a Shirt

Launching Moyo Shirts: I dream of a Shirt
People always ask me ‘how I came up with the name MOYO’. The name is actually my daughter's second name, her full name is Moyosoreoluwa; It means ‘I rejoice in the gift of God’. I found it to be very appropriate as I believe my journey of shirt making is a gift from God. I chose it because I love the meaning, it is catchy, easy to pronounce [not the full name of course :)] and I have relished with delight in the different ways people have tried to pronounce it.
This journey in launching our shirt line has taught me some life nuggets.  I have learned that, people might not always get your vision. I have learned not to ride the wave of people's opinion. Instead, I have echoed Henry Ford's philosophy who I quote, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" and we know he went on to be a pacesetter in car manufacturing.  I am embracing innovation, creativity and forward-thinking. Change people’s perception on clothes…1 shirt at a time๐Ÿ˜Š The route to one's dream will always be lined with obstacles or naysayer. On the other hand, I have had a lot of encouragement and support and for that, I am truly thankful. I know though I can only birth the passion and creativity that God has deposited in me.  
I want to make Moyo a brand name, a go-to for Luxury tops, unique, bespoke, unconventional designs, outside of the box machinations in our Shirt collections. I want to go to the ends of the earth to make you feel beautiful. Someone told me on this journey “aha this is too much now”, No! I disagree, it is not enough. I want to do more, clothes are the second skin to us and an expression of who we are and I want to represent that expression in every way and every dimension as if it is poetry in motion.
I have had so much fun and put in a lot of hard work in creating this line and yet I am not exhausted, there are many more designs in my head and at some point, I had to draw the line. It is ok, the story of Moyo is a never-ending one, hopefully, to be marked with success, beauty, innovation and God's blessing.

I dream of a shirt
I dream of vertical lines and horizontal whispers.
I dream of abstracts into beautiful nothings… abiding comfort and luxury against my skin
Blossoms of colours embracing my imperfect curves yet I am enthused
The power of designs, the lovemaking of threads and fabrics, the joining of patterns- a perfect embrace. 
I am lifted by Ankara, Adire, Aso oke, Brocade, Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, you are…Welcome
 Passion of creativity applauds, intricate delicate designs invades my frame
Linen spurned from the earth, blessed by the sun… caress my body in perfect acceptance
Engrained in my DNA I push
Can you feel me?
Arrggg! out of this beautiful cocoon comes perfection, looking at me with wide-eyed purity 
I emerge...

I stand tall in Moyo Shirt