Monday, 5 November 2012

Launching Arachnid Creations

I have been away for too long, I apologise and I will tell you why... As many of you who know me...I am here to fly the flag for Africa.!!!
I have been toying with the idea of creating a fashion line for years and have been sharing my thoughts and ideas with friends until they got fed up with me and like the Nike Motto, they told me to stop blabbing and "just do it"
I googled Celebrities wearing African Fabrics and the results were astounding. See for your self below... Beyonce, Rhianna...etc I think to myself, isn't it just.., soon this fabrics will be re-packaged and sold back to us in the most ridiculous prices by 'Top designers' while we the owners snub what is inherently part of our culture. At first, the question that came into my mind is "am I good enough" but then my passions and love for designing with my stalwart faith in God won.

 Hence I have been working hard to launch my new fashion line primarily designed with African Fabrics called Arachnid Creations. Our motto: "Matchless Designs and Timeless Pieces".
I promise you, my designs is not to be confirmed to "African Parties", you can wear it to parties of course but then to work, church, Barbecues, shopping etc. My collection is versatile and eclectic and most importantly affordable . Don't take my word for it, visit my website on and they also say "Pictures can speak a thousand words" so click on this link to see the pictures of my Launch. (You might need to download dropbox on your laptop/phone but can be easily done and useful for storing precious pictures)
 Till I reach out to you again.. Enjoy and please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you....Tell me where you could wear some of my designs to:)
 Love ya

Friday, 6 April 2012

What If

To my millions of readers, (calling the things that are not as if they were)

Sorry I have been away since December, I promise not to do that again seeing I have been sorely missed. Yes I know its April but I am still caught up with the festivities of December, not the shopping frenzy bit or spending money I don’t have part but the having good friends around and having loud conversations, shouting over one another and interrupting each other's conversation. Good friends, Good Food, Good conversation, I love it!

I don’t think it has to be January to make a New Year resolution; I give you permission to make it any time of the year! If you have been unsuccessful for the past three months, don’t give up, dust failure off and start again. Let me give a word of encouragement, please forgive me for being so presumptuous that you want my advice. This might sound like a cliché but Go for your dreams, reach for the stars; and do not let anything stop you from reaching your goals. Not the haters, not even you. Sometimes we think we don’t have enough to be successful, we do! What if... the diamond you are looking for is in the inside of you. You just need to give birth to it (...Huh) seriously, that business you were looking to start, do not procrastinate, just go for it. That weight you have been carrying around, start losing it, one day at a time, one resolve, one step before you know it...victory.

Along with your doing, don’t forget to do something nice for someone. As you travel through the underground and you hear the sonorous music of the buskers, do not walk on by, appreciate the beauty in the symphony you are listening to and spare a change. What if when you listen it fuels your senses with renewed vigour for the day? What if...when you tap into the rhythm you will get ‘it’? I know I would want some sort of acknowledgement if I was doing something that creative. Trust me you will feel better afterwards. My brothers, don’t pass by that homeless guy, I know you think he uses his money for drugs, what if he doesn't.., My sister, what if...that boss of yours that is horrible to you at work is going through a divorce or tough times, give him a break. I know he is taking it out on you and it is not fair but at least he is not shooting you down with a gun because he has had a bad day like we sometimes hear on the news. Sponsor a child in Africa or UK; give the gift of your time to people who are needy, what if your money really makes a difference. What if...

Stop waiting for someone else to do it, we complain a lot but it is time to put ourselves out there. Let’s make our generation and fill it with worthy heritages for our children. This is my rant for today; I like to rant for another.